Toxic smoke chokes Karoi residents

File pic: Toxic fire

KAROI ward 5 residents have raised a public outcry over toxic smoke from a council dumpsite, saying it exposed them to various diseases.

Air pollution is a public health concern, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Residents made a passionate appeal to the responsible authorities including town council, Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and other government departments to remove the dumpsite from their residential area. 

Victor Chaparira expressed public health safety concerns in the farming town's high density area of Chikangwe. 

``We are calling upon responsible authorities to ensure that our health and safety are considered as a basic human rights matter,” Chaparira said.

“We are suffering and few can afford medical checks over the infections caused by the inferno.

Another resident Miller Dube said: “The only permanent solution lies in removing the dumpsite near residential areas for our own safety.”

Rumbidzai Bakasa said she is now asthmatic after inhaling the toxic smoke.

“I am now forced to use inhalers and wet clothes during the night,” she said.

Karoi town council chairman Abel Matsika told participants during the provincial clean-up campaign that lack of funds was frustrating the council’s efforts to have a new dumpsite.

“As council we made a resolution for a new dumpsite but it will be costly according to requirements by EMA. Council has suffered bad publicity but we hope our action will help as it is a priority,'' said Matsika.

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