Vic Falls attracts excellent reviews

Millions of visitors across the globe use the TripAdvisor site and app to discover where to stay, what to do and where to eat based on guidance from those who have been there before.
By Zivisai Chagaka Oct. 27, 2023

Teacher invents music instruments

Chipadza said he had capped over 300 teachers and musicians at MCS who received certificates in visual arts and performance studies and music, respectively.
By Tendai Sauta Jul. 27, 2023

Chipadza paints practicality in human life

An acrylic and oil painter, Chipadza developed a passion for potraying life issues through pictures and adoration of scenes from magazines and surrounding nature at a very young age.
By Tendai Sauta Jul. 21, 2023

Look beyond politics, women urged

Moyo believes women should have influence in the family, community, church and business.
By Stephen Chadenga Jun. 16, 2023

Travelling & touring: Victoria Falls hotels continue to carry the gong

It remains to be seen if they are going to take up the challenge and also play a major role in trying to bring sanity to the country’s highways in terms of pothole patching and other related issues.
By Burzil Dube Jan. 22, 2023

Distracted generation a distracted workforce

 Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and people tend to get easily distracted.
By Brian Makwara Jan. 20, 2023

There are too many iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches

There was the ninth-gen iPad and the 10th-gen iPad.
By The Verge Nov. 1, 2022