Senate passes ‘Patriot Bill’...Proposed law now awaits Presidential assent

“The Senate has passed the Patriotic Bill. The Bill will be sent for Presidential assent to become a law,” legislative watchdog Open Paly tweeted last night.
By Donald Nyandoro Jun. 8, 2023

CCC activists caged 18 months

No medical affidavit was produced in court as evidence of the assault. And the Zanu PF T-shirt that was said to have been torn during the clashes was not presented as an exhibit. 
By Nqobizwe Thebe Jun. 8, 2023

News in depth: ‘It won’t pass constitutional test’: Zanu PF’s chilling law gets thumbs down

The bill that will now be debated by the Senate before it is sent to Mnangagwa for his signature seeks to introduce so-called patriotism provisions.
By Nqobani Ndlovu Jun. 4, 2023

Shock as Parly passes ‘Patriot Bill’

Many described it as one of the most undemocratic and repressive laws to be passed against the country’s citizens.

Letters: Withdraw Criminal Code immediately

ZLHR notes that some of the penalties are manifestly unconstitutional.
By Amh Voices Jun. 2, 2023

Who decides the Africa we want?

The intersection of marginalisation and discrimination made certain groups of women more susceptible to GBV and COVID-19 pandemics.
By Nicolle Shana Jun. 2, 2023

Reflecting on organised violence, torture in Zim

It shows that nothing has changed since the so-called Second Republic. It also shows the power of violence in making the people powerless.
By Dzikamai Bere Jun. 2, 2023

LETTERS: ED, govt must carefully consider decision to release child sexual offenders from prison

The Clemency Order gave amnesty to different categories of prisoners throughout Zimbabwe.
By Amh Voices Jun. 1, 2023

History of organised violence, torture in Zimbabwe (1972-2020)

The report exposes one of the worst evils of humankind going back to the pre-colonial era.
By Dzikamai Bere Jun. 1, 2023