The rise of plant-based cuisine

They are leading the charge in creating plant-based alternatives that closely mimic the taste, texture, and mouthfeel of meat products.
By Ruwarashe Muzamhindo May. 3, 2024

Gene revolution: What next for Zimbabwe?

Inasmuch as we celebrate this move, one cannot help but ponder over losses the nation incurred by delaying prospective results of the CFTs.
By Nyasha J Kavhiza May. 5, 2023

Kagame expected in Harare

This comes about two months after Mnangagwa visited Rwanda to attend a summit on Africa’s Green Revolution.
By Taurai Mangudhla Oct. 24, 2022

Wake up Mr President, Blair is in the past, and remains there

It was below the Presidential norms that your handshake with Blair caused you celebration and contentment.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Sep. 14, 2022

ED vows to shake off basket case status

Mnangagwa, who was in Kigali last week for the Africa Green Revolution Forum Summit said Zimbabwe became a reference point after making some progress on its strategic agricultural milestones.
By Tafadzwa Kachiko Sep. 13, 2022

ED accused of shedding crocodile tears after Kigali genocide visit

He laid flowers in respect of the victims, and issued a memorial statement saying this was the sad and dark experience of the country.
By Silas Nkala Sep. 12, 2022