Investment summit seeks to unlock economic growth

Zimbabwe has seen significant growth across various industries, particularly in tourism, mining, and agriculture.
By The Standard Apr. 26, 2024

Chrome producers should stop subsidising the world economy

This would translate into greater GDP growth, foreign currency earnings and higher employment levels within the country.
By Kevin Tutani Mar. 22, 2024

Google’s use of student data could effectively ban Chromebooks from Denmark schools

The agency found that Google uses student data from Chromebooks and Google Workplace for Education “for its own purposes,” which isn’t allowed under European privacy law.
By The Verge Feb. 8, 2024

Chrome smelter to establish 300MW power plant

Jin Yi spokesperson Melody Frank said power outages and high electricity tariffs were negatively affecting production at the company.
By Stephen Chadenga Jan. 15, 2024

FEATURE: Ex-chrome mining areas feel the heat

Although the companies have left, they buy chrome from artisanal miners in the area.
By Elma Zhoya Aug. 25, 2023

Piggy’s Trading & Investing Tips: Disruption is at the doorstep

Zimbabwe has over 4,000 recorded gold deposits, all of them located on ancient workings.
By Batanai Matsika Aug. 11, 2023

Don’t bury heads in the sand

Moti runs the African Chrome Fields (ACF), which has extensive interests in Zimbabwe’s mining industry.
By The Standard Apr. 30, 2023

Has Zim’s protest spirit finally been crushed?

Zimbabweans were fed up by Mnangagwa’s failure to live up to pre-election pledges to fight rampant corruption and kick-start economic growth.
By Newsday Apr. 29, 2023

ED, Chiwenga ‘secret millions’ exposed

Moti has extensive business interests in Zimbabwe and was awarded controversial contracts towards the end of Mugabe’s reign.
By Evans Mathanda Apr. 29, 2023