Zim’s mining sector an enclave: CNRG

It also sought to enable local authorities to diversify their revenue bases, in particular by obtaining a fair share from natural resource exploitation.
By Tatira Zwinoira Aug. 28, 2023

A leadership unfit for command

Creating confusion in order to loot is a language that many bigwigs in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government have perfectly mastered.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Jul. 28, 2023

Judiciary slammed for failing to curb looting of state resources

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent, Muguwu said the tragedy of weak laws, combined with poor “enforceability”, was mutating into a far bigger crisis.
By Shame Makoshori Jul. 28, 2023

‘Looting at industrial scale’

Before the investigations, the annual cost of IFFs to Zimbabwe was estimated at between US$2,7 billion and US$5,7 billion.
By Shame Makoshori Jul. 28, 2023

Call for mine workers protection

The two organisations noted that the most significant stakeholder in this entire spectrum, mine workers,
By Silas Nkala Jul. 10, 2023

CNRG demands accountability in Bikita mine fatal shooting

In a letter dated June 27, Maguwu called for an inquiry and apprehension of a security guard who fatally shot Darlington Vito at the mine's dumpsite. 
By Kennedy Nyavaya Jun. 29, 2023

Zimbabwe shuts down Chinese-owned Bikita Minerals weeks after claims of lithium looting

It suspended operations at its Masvingo mine for seven days to address ‘concerns raised by authorities’ a few weeks after claims of looting were raised by a local watchdog.
By Ani News May. 24, 2023

CNRG warns against Mana Pools oil exploration

Maguwu said the application if granted could have serious ramifications to Mana Pools, one of the country’s top tourist destinations
By Tatira Zwinoira May. 12, 2023

Zim mining an elite empowerment scheme: CNRG

A fortnight ago, Al Jazeera screened the last episode in its four-part documentary series titled the ‘Gold Mafia’.
By Tatira Zwinoira Apr. 23, 2023