‘Unmasking the No Name Dance Crew

WITH mesmerising moves and a passion that's impossible to ignore, No Name Dance Crew is taking the dance world by storm.

WITH mesmerising moves and a passion that's impossible to ignore, No Name Dance Crew is taking the dance world by storm.

This talented group of individuals has come together to form a cohesive unit that is wowing audiences and pushing the boundaries of what's possible through dance.

From hip-hop to contemporary music, their unique style and energy has captured the attention of fans and critics alike.

Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the world of the No Name Dance Crew and explore their journey to success.

How it was formed:

(Methembe Walter Ndlovu, Carlton Mpofu, Prince Chibansha)

“We all grew up dancing in the city of Bulawayo with different crews. Some guys have even been with more than one dance crew but we’ve never been in the same one,” said Methembe Ndlovu, also known as Blinko

“Sometime around 2022 we started seeing and observing more of each other. We began talks of having combined projects while picking each other’s brains on that.

“Sometime last year, I was listening to a podcast and I picked something profound there and called Prince to say, hey, let’s come together and create.

“I had seen the strengths he has together with Carlton on a video at a wedding. I said come lets chop it up.”

What are they up to?

Prince has represented Bulawayo at the prestigious Rival Skool finals in Johannesburg. He has travelled to several European countries with Umkhathi works to countries like France, Switzerland and Spain.

He judged the Rival Skool dance competition in Zambia.

Collectively they have performed at major award shows and concerts including the South African Music Awards, the NAMAs and the Bulawayo Arts Awards, Castle Lite Unlocks SA National Tour – which featured and was headlined by Meek Mill& Post Malone — 2019. They’ve danced for people like Jah Prayzah, Sandra Ndebele, Holy 10 to name just a few.

Loved by the audience

Mpofu, who is fondly known as Umnuko we Thrift on Instagram due to his fashion sense, said they were in touch with their fans.

“We are constantly getting overwhelming feedback from our followers. Some even want to join the crew; others want to start their own craft while others are simply inquiring about our next performance so that they don’t miss it.”

Who are the target audience?

“We are here to connect different vibes from different people. For example, if you play Soul Brothers we would jam to it and if it be Baby Sharko we still would be able to entertain people within that same group of people,” said Prince.

“We deliberately called ourselves the “no name dance crew” to highlight that possibilities are endless.

“We can perform for a crowd in Japan and connect with them.

“Expect anything from us. You will find us dancing at Miss Nust, or at a primary school or even high school.”

On their style

“Although we are not the same, from the way we dress is also a way of expressing and experiencing ourselves and our own energy. It is hip-hop with our own influence. We tend to dress in sync with the aesthetics of where we are performing,” said Ndlovu.

The all-male ensemble is also popular for interacting with fans on social media.

“Those who wish to interact with us should follow us on Instagram @thenonamedancecrew. We enjoy the engagement,” said Prince.

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