Warriors coach Tapera promises bliss

 The match is expected to attract a good home crowd for Zimbabwe, and Tapera has promised them bliss.

JOHANNESBURG - Warriors coach Jairos Tapera is optimistic that his team will triumph against Lesotho in their Group C 2026 Fifa World Cup qualifier tomorrow.

The match will be played at Orlando Stadium in South Africa starting at 3pm.

This will be the Warriors’ third match in the pool where they have so far played two draws against Rwanda and Nigeria. They need three points against one of the weaker teams of the group that also includes South Africa and Benin. Tapera is pleased that Zifa managed to keep this group of players together from the first two matches that were presided over by Baltemar Brito.

 "What is very important is that the association kept this team together. I have respect for whoever was in the team as coach before for selecting the team that we have. It made our life easier in terms of finding a group that had been together for some time . It gave us an opportunity to concentrate on tactics more than anything else. We are coming from a break where the fitness might not be where it should be but at the end it we have respect of whatever we have been doing. The tactics that we have been working on," the Manica Diamonds gaffer told the media on Thursday.

 The match is expected to attract a good home crowd for Zimbabwe, and Tapera has promised them bliss.

 “We are very much hopeful that we can push through and get the result that we want. It's a very big game for us. Away from home yes, but we will not take that as an excuse because what we want and the requirements we will need to get the result, everything is there. We just have to organise ourselves and make the players be ready for the challenge. I want to promise everyone who is supporting us and who will come to watch us that we are going to put everything into it tomorrow and we promise that we are going to get a positive result”.

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