Villagers bemoan loss of cultural values

The villagers said some practices being adopted by the young generation spelt doom on African values.

VILLAGERS in some parts of Matabeleland South province are worried that their culture is fast being eroded as youths adopt such alien and foreign beliefs as same sex relationships, among others.

Villagers in ward 14, Maphisa, Kezi under Chief Ndiweni Nyangazonke have bemoaned the erosion of their culture amid fears that African cultural values and norms are headed for extinction.

The villagers said some practices being adopted by the young generation spelt doom on African values.

Chief Nyangazonke told Southern Eye that the impact of human rights activists on the fate of the young generation has only promoted lesbianism and gay practices.

“Cultural values have been eroded way beyond belief. Witch hunters have now also caused many human rights violations as they move around our villages causing conflicts among villagers and performing witchcraft activities, while hiding behind their certificates,” the chief said.

“During ancient times, Tshaka would have simply taken his spear and dealt with them right away than watch the situation escalate in the name of rights.”

Villager, Nimrod Makhiwa Moyo said youths were also adopting foreign cultures to get rich fast.

“The future of our cultural values is headed for a natural death as most of the young generation is now abandoning rural homes. They have now shifted to modern ways of living, prompting them to abandon the development of their rural homes while relocating to urban areas,” he said.

Another villager Pickson Nyathi said cultural values of arranged marriages had been diffused due to the rights bestowed on the young generation.

“Parents no longer have a say in their children’s lives and marriages as they can now marry the woman of their choice and have children without informing or introducing the wives to their parents,” Nyathi said.

Artwell Sibanda, also from Kezi, decried the conflicts that have arisen between parents and children.

“Some young people have turned out to be breadwinners causing a scenario whereby parents end up being the ones who are depending on them. This has limited the parents’ role to reprimand their children when they are losing their morals causing more friction among families,” he said.

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