Collaborating for Change: Enlit Africa Reimagines Energy Security in Africa

Enlit Africa is focused on meeting the challenge of energy security in Africa.

Enlit Africa is focused on meeting the challenge of energy security in Africa.

Through collaborative engagements with leaders in the industry, Enlit Africa prioritises finding intelligent solutions to the energy security problem. The event provides an opportunity for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to engage with one another in a central location, gaining access to insights, advice, expert guidance, and an ecosystem of industry expertise.

“There’s immense pressure on companies to secure their own power, give value for money, and increase their environmental stewardship investments,” says Chanelle Hingston, Event Director at Enlit Africa.

“The event is an opportunity for these companies to engage with multiple vendors in a single location and gain access to insights, advice and guidance that can help them achieve their goals. With more than 250 exhibitors representing local and multinational interests, the free-to-access open floor is the perfect opportunity for companies to find intuitive and relevant solutions to their energy security needs.”

This year, the sponsor and exhibitor list is impressive, including leaders in the manufacturing and support services sector.

Conlog, Lucy Electric, Siemens, Oracle, Power Africa, Laids + Gyr, EWSeta, Megger, Aberdare Cables, G3-Alliance, Actom, Triveni Turbine Limited, Enertech International, and GE Vernova are just some of the impressive names at Enlit Africa 2024.

The event provides an opportunity for utility companies, municipalities, IPPs, developers and financiers to meet, collaborate and change the power security trajectory for the continent. In 2024, the conversation has been expanded to include water stewardship and security.

The exhibitor floor has been designed to focus on the full ecosystem from generation to transmission and distribution; from utility-scale to commercial and industrial; and from multi-megawatt installations through to rural electrification projects.

In addition to the expertise provided on the free-to-access floor, the conference programme is designed to tackle issues facing C&I companies.

As Hingston explains: “We have developed a programme relevant to the pressing needs of the sector. It includes C&I self-generation to ensure energy security; a look at the maturity of carbon markets and their ability to support Africa’s development needs; and decentralising energy systems. We have developed a number of our sessions in collaboration with the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA), and the programme really speaks to the needs of the sector.

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