Strategy trap: Why action plans are not enough

Many “strategic planning” retreats prioritize action planning, leading to documents filled with tasks and initiatives rather than a clear strategic direction.
By Memory Nguwi Jul. 12, 2024

Is brand protection a necessity or luxury?

A good reputation differentiates an organisation from its competitors. It can be a deciding factor for consumers choosing between similar products or services.
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto May. 24, 2024

Five reasons why strategic plans fail

The production of very long and complicated documents which are only read by the consultant and his editor I a major killer of most strategy processes.
By Dumisani O Nkomo Mar. 8, 2024

Hidden reasons behind strategy failure

Strategy failure can be attributed to various factors, including poor strategy formulation, ineffective implementation, and the inability to adapt to unforeseen changes.
By Memory Nguwi Oct. 13, 2023

Structuring for entrepreneurial growth

Most of our SMEs seem to be fond of building castles in the air as they just do business without any clear systems to guide in their operations.
By Farai Chigora Jul. 16, 2023

Health ministry should urgently address TB drugs shortage

The country should have a drug supply chain that is solid in terms of reliability, responsiveness and agility.
By Johannes Marisa Jun. 8, 2023