Feature: Surviving 20-hour daily power cuts with an electric car in Zimbabwe

There is a popular joke in Zimbabwe that living in Zimbabwe is such an extreme sport that it is a skill in a league of its own that one’s CV should just read “Lived in Zimbabwe”.
By Cleantechnica Jan. 5, 2023

Power, poor strategic thinking

It was foolish to depend so much on Kariba South Power Station because hydropower stations are always seasonal.
By Trevor Ncube and Nevanji Madanhire Dec. 14, 2022

Sadc failing to meet growing power demands Zhemu

Zhemu said the electricity supply industry in the Sadc region has been characterised by many challenges.
By Tapfumanei Muchabaiwa Nov. 1, 2022

A regional approach is needed to address the electricity problem

The Zimbabwean situation is a typical example where the emergency approach to addressing a power problem ended up running down the entire system beyond restoration.
By Tapiwa Gomo Oct. 17, 2022

Editorial Comment: Zim waits for SA to fix its problems, so it fixes its own

Soon the beeline at the passport office will get longer and millions more will flee. Those leaving will be the most skilled personnel.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Sep. 30, 2022