Harare and Munich partner in "Bicycle Instead of Car" art exhibition

The exhibition will be held on Saturday and Sunday, in the capital with CaliGraph, Gerald Bakasa, Thandiwe Gula-Ndebele, Sandra Ndoro, Crystal Beseni,
By Style Reporter May. 30, 2024

All set for International Jazz Day celebrations

The concert, which starts at 6pm, has been dubbed: A Century of Jazz.
By Sharon Zebra Apr. 30, 2024

Concert to preserve the mbira instrument

He said diverse types of mbira such as Nyunganyunga, Nhare Nyamaropa, Nhare Gandanga, Njari and Matepe will be played at the concert.
By Sharon Zebra Mar. 13, 2024

Alexio re-ignites KuChina Nites

Kawara intimated that he was devoting his time to his family and the work of God.
By Sydney Kawadza Jul. 23, 2023

China uses internet tools to recruit high-valued foreign nationals for spying

Be careful whom you connect with on LinkedIn and other online platforms.
By Geopolitica Jul. 15, 2023

Germany, new popular destination for Zim musicians

Music has always been a great way to promote cultural exchange and build bridges between people from different backgrounds.
By Earground Jul. 8, 2023

Money is everything

Helmut Kohl welcomed with open arms and motherly loves the challenge of integrating the two unequal societies.
By Tapiwa Nyandoro Jul. 7, 2023

EU, UK, US presence at ZITF excites Mnangagwa

Over 20 countries participated at this year's trade fair, a growth from 13 last year.
By Mthandazo Nyoni and Patricia Sibanda Apr. 29, 2023

IYASA, Theatre Strahl in climate change play

Dube said the African continent is one of the first to suffer the consequences of global warming.
By Sharon Sibindi Apr. 9, 2023