Significance of ESG principles for sustainable development

While the adoption of ESG principles presents numerous benefits, there are also challenges that companies in Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa are facing:
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto Jul. 12, 2024

Zimshec applauds Gwanda varsity move

GSU has signed a deal to collaborate with YMF to establish a model gold mine for students from different institutions to engage in mining actvities.
By Rex Mphisa Jul. 2, 2024

Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience

The theme on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience is particularly important given that the large tracks of land are degraded every year.
By ZELA Jun. 16, 2024

The evolving landscape of international valuation standards: A focus on 2025 general standards

This reorganization signifies a move towards a principles-based approach, emphasizing ethical conduct, professional competency, and scepticism.
By Bekithemba Mpofu Jun. 16, 2024

How management can create a positive workplace

Creating a great work environment as a manager is essential for employee satisfaction and productivity.
By Jonah Nyoni Jun. 15, 2024

It is not all doom and gloom: We can still save our planet

While mitigation efforts focus on reducing the causes of climate change, adaptation measures are essential for coping with the existing and anticipated impacts.
By Darlington Muyambwa Jun. 14, 2024

The forgotten intrapersonal level of communication related to the environment

This vital knowledge becomes dangerous when it is abused in passing wrong decisions about the environment.
By Peter Makwanya Jun. 10, 2024

ESG practices are now a must for current, future investments

Institutional lenders and financiers are currently pouring billions in United States dollars towards supporting ESG projects.
By Melody Chikono Jun. 7, 2024

Environmental degradation reaches alarming proportions

CNRG said a significant portion of Zimbabwe’s arable land had been rendered unusable due to mining activities.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Jun. 7, 2024