Kariba turns to AI to engage residents

The chatbot also facilitates participation in council programmes, keeping the community informed about ongoing and upcoming initiatives and encouraging active civic engagement.
By Obert Siamilandu Jul. 1, 2024

AI glossary of terminology

Given that AI is a rapidly evolving field, new terms are constantly emerging.
By Naison Bangure May. 17, 2024

How AI is transforming the Zim banking sector

AI can help employees with organising and increasing the efficiency of processes, which increases productivity.
By Vanessa Machingauta Feb. 9, 2024

Stanbic Bank develops deceased estate chatbot

The chatbot was carefully designed to provide information on frequently asked questions regarding the handling of deceased estates.
By Business Reporter Jul. 21, 2023

How AI is transforming agriculture

Worldwide, agriculture is a US$5 trillion industry, and now the industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help yield healthier crops
By Farming Portal Jun. 15, 2023

Opinion: Deepfakes spread misinformation

Artificial Intelligence is redefining the proverb "seeing is believing," with a deluge of images created out of thin air and people shown mouthing things they never said.
By AFP Feb. 3, 2023

Google is freaking out about ChatGPT

Google announced it’s laying off more than 12,000 employees and focusing on AI as a domain of primary importance.
By The Verge Jan. 24, 2023