Simbiso Youth Coaching publishes prefects leadership handbook

One of Simbiso Youth Coaching sessions recently

Simbiso Youth Coaching — an African initiative that seeks to empower and equip youths to adopt a progressive mindset has published a prefects handbook titled “Badge of Honour” which seeks to equip and empower dedicated prefects with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

Simbiso Youth Coaching is the brainchild of multi-award-winning African coaching genius Tafadzwa “Coach Taf” Mukoyi who is the author of the latest prefects leadership handbook.

Mukoyi is a marketplace minister anointed to activate potential and is a personal branding ambassador, inspirational author, motivational speaker, emcee and an entrepreneur who draws strength from people who want to do the extraordinary in their lives as well as those of others.

Coach Taf entered the literary stage when he penned “Exit Your Excuses”— a thought-provoking inspirational book in the form of a personal encouragement note in which he sought to help readers develop their personal brands and sharpen their abilities to seize opportunities ahead of them.

Ever since then, he has spoken on world stages and the greatest stage of all has been the role he plays daily in the lives of his children and those that are continually entrusted to him for coaching under the Simbiso Youth Coaching brand.

He says “Badge of Honour” is a comprehensive guide designed to equip and empower school prefects with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

“Prefects play a crucial role in maintaining discipline, fostering a positive school environment and nurturing leadership skills among their peers and as such Simbiso, through the Badge of Honour is dedicated to empowering these young leaders through its key teachings”.

In the book, Mukoyi argues that being a prefect is not just a title but a badge of honour and a privilege bestowed upon a selected few in the school community. It signifies recognition of one’s leadership potential and their exemplary character and commitment to serving others.

“This handbook has been crafted to equip you with the practical tools, knowledge and guidance necessary to fulfil your duties effectively. It is designed to support your growth as a leader, helping you to navigate the challenges and complexities that may arise in your roles. It offers insights, strategies and real-life scenarios to help you make informed decisions and handle your responsibilities with confidence”, reads an introductory part of the book.

“By utilising the resource within this handbook, you will enhance your leadership skills, develop effective communication techniques and cultivate a sense of empathy and understanding towards your fellow students. You will learn to embrace challenges, exercise sound judgement and create an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages the growth and success of all.

The Africa’s coaching genius stated that through his engaging writing style and practical advice, he aims to make a positive difference in their schools and communities.

Simbiso Youth Coaching incorporates highly structured engagement-styled programmes that use the S.H.OW.U.P. coaching model.

They are designed to use training, teaching methods, rigorous exercise, physical activity and strict discipline to turn around mindset to equip the youth for future targeted success.

 The organisation also runs a Wellness Connections counselling division that is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to mental wellness and emotional wellbeing for individuals and communities across Zimbabwe. The division envisions a future where mental health is cherished and every individual is empowered to live a vibrant, balanced life.

Simbiso Youth Coaching’s latest offering is the culmination of Coach Taf’s expertise, insights and commitment to nurturing the next generation of responsible influential leaders.

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