Actually, Zim is a great nation!

It will take generations to recover from the trauma that was caused by the liberation struggle

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, while some have greatness thrust upon them. Zimbabwe was born from an earlier civilization that built and lived in the present great Zimbabwe monuments. Zimbabweans are proof left behind by their forefathers.

The birth pains of the motherland were devastating. It will take generations to recover from the trauma that was caused by the liberation struggle. Trauma is one of the leading causes of mental health challenges currently faced today. Healing is the first step to rebuilding the nation.

Combatant and non-combatant veterans of the liberation struggle, sacrificed a great deal for the sake of the nation, now called Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was born out of the lives and childhoods of many gallant sons and daughters of the soil.  Business of the day was war during the pre-independence era. Post-independence, Zimbabweans are enjoying the fruits of liberation. There are many freedoms in the nation. Apart from barriers to entry such as a valid business license, citizens and foreigners alike can venture into any sector.

As the saying goes, you are of your time. Before independence, the youth were ready to fight for the nation. After independence youths are prepared to work for the nation. The working class of today is mainly one generation with three clusters of children born in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. Steering the ship are those from the 70s, 60s and 50s.

Most African countries received their independence during a similar period driven by nationalists and pan-Africanists alike. As a nation, you cannot ignore the individual who coined the name Zimbabwe, the nationalist, Michael Mawema.

Collaboration between African countries was the order of the day and we saw the liberation movement coinciding with the civil rights movement. As a collective the people of colour all contributed. Other races also played a part through sincere cooperation.

As a human race, everyone is interdependent on another. The greatness of each nation is seen through diversity. On a social scale, people are more interested in experiencing different cultures. Tourism is an industry sustained by a strong desire to expand your horizon.  In the scope of branding, what gives brand image are the external customers and internal employees of the organization. A brand is made by customers and employees. Balancing the image of a brand requires both pillars of internal and external forces.

You are as great as the people with you. Zimbabwe is as great as the Zimbabweans. When we measure Zimbabwe, we look at both the local and diaspora community. In academics, it is a position that the quality of the students, makes the school.

Alumni contribute a huge factor in the reputation of an institution. In business the group of customers you serve and the caliber of employees you hire determine the greatness of your organization. As a brand serving executives set you as an executive brand. You are your market.

A relationship is made by the status of the partner. To be in a great relationship, select a great partner. Many great citizens make a great nation. Your business is as great as the product or service you offer. How you offer your services indicates how greatly you are viewed.

One big indicator of the greatness of a nation is the fast-moving consumer goods segment. The nature of the food sector predicts how the overall industry is performing. When you enter a shop and are welcomed by an ambience that feels like a scene out of a high budget movie, you have a positive perception.

Supermarkets that are popular such as OK Zimbabwe, Bon Marche, Food Lovers and TM Pick n Pay, became household names because of their conducive environments and customer experience, among other factors. The customer experience comes first then the name is established.

Once you try any of the big names for your shopping, you will continue to shop there, simply because of the shopping experience. There is something great inside the stores that makes their names great. Greatness within makes the name great.  It takes first being a great person to have a great name. Zimbabweans are great; therefore, Zimbabwe is a great name and a great nation. To become a renowned writer, first, write good articles. Great articles precede making a great writer.

The scientific rule of thumb is that identity and self-concept start with a name. The psychological hypothesis asked two questions: who are you and who am I? Respondents started to answer each question with a name.

Everything and everyone great has a name. Greatness creates a name. A customer’s name is the door to their heart. Names are the starting point of identity. Our identifier as Zimbabweans is our name. To a broader extent, totems are names for an entire tribe.

The name Zimbabwe identifies people of different races, religions, and languages sharing the same heritage. Our culture as Zimbabweans is our name. Businesses thrive in Zimbabwe because of a strong inclination towards brand names.

You cannot take greatness away from people, but you can appreciate their names. Your greatness is your own, others celebrate your name. In business relationships, you start introductions with each other’s names. If someone is great, their name becomes great. It feels good to be known by name.

Focus on being a great person and you will become a great name. People might not know the person, but they know the name, or they might know the person and not the name. History is very important to your greatness.

Your background is the reason why you are chosen. In relationships, history is a key component. A partner who does not have a background is at a disadvantage. The image comes from your background and background reveals your image. Your family, business, and country give you your image.

The name of where you are coming from is as important as to where you are going. Your name is your track record. Your background is your advantage. The greatness of a nation is seen through the name and the emotions it evokes.  A great nation has a great currency. The gold backed; Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) is a great currency. To enjoy Zimbabwean benefits, you need to be committed as a citizen or tourist. You only start realizing how great Zimbabwe is when you are outside the country.  East or West home is best.

According to Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo, people will go but the independent Zimbabwe will never go. As a people, we make Zimbabwe great. Zimbabwe is made by Zimbabweans.  A better Zimbabwe, a more confident Zimbabwean.

  • Chikwenhere is the author of Affirmative 21 Laws How to Confess. He is a brand strategist, image consultant and founder of Zimbabwe Brand Association. — [email protected].


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