Outgoing ChiTown mayor commissions earthmoving machines

Mutimbanyoka implored incoming councillors to improve service delivery in the town.

OUTGOING Chitungwiza acting mayor, Kiven Mutimbanyoka, on Tuesday commissioned two earthmoving machines and a tipper truck meant to address service delivery challenges in the dormitory town.

 “We took delivery of the yellow (earthmoving) machines last Friday, while the tipper truck was delivered two weeks ago. It was never easy for us to achieve this great feat. The road was bumpy but in the end we managed,” Mutimbanyoka said during the ceremony.

“This is not the only heavy equipment that we bought but there is also a motorised grader which is part of this lot.

“It is very unfortunate that it was not delivered on time. Look forward to it in a few days to come.”

Mutimbanyoka implored incoming councillors to improve service delivery in the town.

“We are saying that this is just the beginning of good things to come. I implore the incoming council to continue with the positive mindset of ensuring that they work together with management and staff for the betterment of our beautiful municipality,” he said.

“We, therefore, wish to see our road network improving now that the right equipment is in place.”

He, however, admitted the failure by the council to address perennial sewage challenges.

 “It was also our wish to have ended our term with most of the problems solved such as water and sewerage issues.

“However, this was never to be. This front-end loader is going to make work easier in this regard,” he said.

Mutimbanyoka (Zanu PF) became mayor after the recall of Lovemore Maiko as councillor in 2021.

The acting mayor aimed higher and contested for the Zengeza East seat but he lost to Citizens Coalition for Change candidate Goodrich Chimbaira.


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