Mbira star Hope in collabo with German pianist

Hope Masike

FANTABULOUS award-winning Afro-futurist mbira musician Hope Masike is still in her 38th birthday celebration nostalgia after she recently celebrated the day in style at the Alliance Francoise in Harare.

Masike, who was gorgeously dressed in African attire on each of her two sets, created an enchanting moment through swatches of brassy and melodious well-arranged varieties of mood and traditional music dance from her old and new catalogue as she paced up the theme Celebrating Life, Time and Love.

Masike and her ensemble have to quickly recompose themselves for yet another multi-cultural showcase as she prepares to set ablaze the German Society Centre in a collaboration with German classical pianist Andreas Kern on October 6 in an act titled Mbira Meets Piano.

Masike, who was part of the audience at the just-ended well-attended Summer Food Festival, said she was highly primed to give out the best possible performance and promised her fans a memorable treat.

“I feel fantabuluos to celebrate life and time on my 38th birthday and I cannot say it all, but I am more than excited. My next act will be with German classical pianist Andreas Kern on October 6 and I promise to be at my best through song and dance.

“Look out for this fantabulous intercultural collaboration I’m having with the awesome German pianist Andreas Kern live premiering in Bulawayo on September 30 at Zimbabwe Academy of Music, and the finale here in Harare at Goethe Zentrum, Harare, on October 6 at the Zimbabwe German Society proudly brought to you by Harare,” she posted on Facebook.

Katrin Simon, head of culture at the German Society, said: “We expect the best from Hope Masike and Andreas Kern because an opportunity like this helps people to come together and share common values from their different cultures.”

Simon, who was also part of the audience at the Food Festival, believes that it is noticeable that the arts industry is growing big considering the polished acts she saw from Tariro Negitare, Sylent Nqo, Selmor Mtukudzi, Blessing Chimanga and Tammy Moyo, who performed the closing act.

Chimanga, who scored a hat-trick as a performer, events director and live video editor, said the Food Festival was important because it brought together the several unique musical sounds from Zimbabwe.

Selmor demonstrated prowess through songs Tsika Dzedu, Mahara, Mutserendende, Hangasa and Ziwere, while celebrated guitar music producer Sylent Nqo wowed fans through fusions of cover versions and his own creative musical content.

The elated fans followed Selmor to the car park for selfies.

“I call it music. I wish to have the world learn more about Zimbabwean music and the African sound. Oh you mean you need the name of the first song that I performed. I send a prayer before I start performing,” said Nqo laughing.

Tammy Moyo, who gave the closing act, was at her best in a classy dance costume.

The enthusiasm which she carried in the beginning was interrupted by a power cut, but she stood her ground and paced up her nine-song act with brilliancy.

By the way, Moyo has just received a car gift from Zimoco and she believes the sky is the limit for her.

“Zimoco Zimbabwe thank you. I am super blessed to work with a team that ensures I am moving with ease, comfort and in style! Thank you for seeing my brand and crafts’ worth and inspiring game-changing partnerships between young creatives and the corporate world.

“You keep me dreaming and dreaming big ... It can only get better from here. I’m always and forever grateful. Thank you God. I love this car. It’s about power, speed, space, efficiency. And yes, in the last slide, I’m totally clueless on how to drive this big baby and what’s being said but excited,” said Moyo in a Facebook post.

Artistes and music producer Ike Mhlanga said artistes needed exposure to enhance their talent.

“Artistes play a significant role in the building up of the National gross domestic product. Zimbabweans should learn to appreciate the artistry from their own people for the purposes of enhancing economic and social resilience,” said Mhlanga.

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