Pitbull owners commended for surrendering their dogs to SPCA

File pic: Pitbull dog

The South African Pitbull Federation has commended pet owners - who have surrendered their pitbulls to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

This follows a number of attacks involving this breed of dog.

This comes after a pitbull mauled an eight-year-old boy to death in Bloemfontein's Vista Park last week.

The South African Pitbull Federation's Lins Rautenbach said it was time some owners realised that they had bitten off more than they could chew.

"It's very sad that the SPCA is always left cleaning up the mess, but this mess is all of our mess because lives are being lost."

The eight-year-old boy was the second child to be mauled by the dog breed in two months.

In the Eastern Cape, a 10-year-old was also killed by his two pet pitbulls.

Rautenbach said that the upkeep of the dogs handed over is going to be very high for the animal welfare organisation.

"We do not have the manpower and resources to police this on top of by-laws being enforced. We need the SAPS and the Metros to step up and open up cases in terms of the Animals Matter Amendment Act."

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