Technology firm launches tobacco digital platform

The platform is meant to help farmers improve productivity and market their crop beyond Zimbabwe borders.

TECHNOLOGY company, ModernLeaf AI has launched a digital platform for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for Zimbabwe’s tobacco industry to help increase productivity for growers and exporters across the tobacco value chain.

The organisation’s founder, Takudzwa Sambo told NewsDay Business that the platform was introduced to leverage and incorporate artificial intelligence in the tobacco industry.

“Looking beyond Zimbabwe, envisions opportunities to expand the platform’s usage across Africa, signalling the need for investment in this ambitious endeavour. ModernLeaf AI is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the tobacco industry on the continent,” he said.

The platform is meant to help farmers improve productivity and market their crop beyond Zimbabwe borders.

“With cutting-edge AI technology, ModernLeaf AI empowers you with precision crop monitoring, advanced predictive analysis, early disease detection, premium quality control updates, strategic market insights, cost-efficient solutions, export strategy and compliance in international markets, tobacco business intelligence in over 120 countries,” he indicated.

Emphasising  on the necessity of leveraging AI to propel the country’s tobacco sector towards becoming a US$60 billion industry, Sambo said: “I am grateful to the government for its vision outlined in Vision 2030, emphasising the importance of youth involvement in realising the strategic goals set forth in the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS 1).”

Sambo acknowledged the proactive actions taken by the ministries of Information and Communication Technology and Agriculture in passing policies that foster innovation and technology that enable start-ups to contribute to economic growth.

ModernLeaf AI hopes to revolutionise the tobacco industry in the country and beyond, as its innovative solutions and strategic vision are poised to shape the future of agriculture through the power of artificial intelligence.

“Innovation and technology are necessary to scale a business in this era. Therefore, business cannot afford to live in the past so as to remain relevant and competitive. We will also be creating AI solutions for the other crops and sectors,” he said.

For the convenience of users, ModernLeaf AI’s digital platform will soon be available for download on Play Store and other platforms, making it easily accessible to a wider audience.

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