Power and leading by example

Our liberation struggle was won through a hierarchy of bodies, including Dare reChimurenga, High Command and the freedom fighters.

POWER corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Organisations that are more successful have a reasonable distribution of power.

Our liberation struggle was won through a hierarchy of bodies, including Dare reChimurenga, High Command and the freedom fighters.

For the sake of progress, businesses of all sizes need to have structures to grow. Strategy is structural and structure is strategic. Organisational strategy is revealed by the structure. Delegating authority to functional departments allows your business to be more efficient and effective.

A wide or narrow span of control shows the amount of influence towards operations. Organisations must have a corporate governance system of how the business is directed and controlled.

The procedures of how a business operates must be based on company policy. Zimbabwe’s independence came through a process of the first and second Chimurengas, including the Geneva talks.

Freedom of association is one of Zimbabwe’s constitutional rights. This milestone dictates that any person or group of persons are free to associate within the confines of the law. For lawful purposes, groups associate based on a common goal.

The mandate of an association is a solid reason for organisations and individuals alike to come together and bond. Associations are good examples of well-organised structures of many members forming one body of mutual connections.

Each member brings in a unique perspective. Associations are participation based. Real benefits are derived when the members are proactive and participating. Members make the association. Quality of members means a valuable association.

In the event of a new association that has not been tried and tested, there is a greater reliance on personal relationships and word of mouth. It is advised that having a few loyal members is better than looking for a lot of non-committed observers.

Associations grow through appointing a membership officer. The membership officer acts as a salesperson approaching well-screened prospects. Relationships are important in every organisation. Customers do not buy from buildings or logos; customers buy from other people.

Whether business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) and other business models, they are ideally people-to-people oriented. When your personal relationships improve, your business also improves.

To have good relationships you need emotional intelligence. The importance of emotions to your relationships is that they will help you in decision-making.

Good emotions equal good decisions and bad emotions reflect bad relationships. Good decisions result in good relationships. The quality of your feelings indicates the quality of your life.

People give an organisation its life. When there are people involved, the organisation has life.

A name is a sign of life. Organisations that are household names become a way of life.

It is our prayer for the good Lord to bless you, your business and the nation of Zimbabwe. We pray that he grants industry and commerce the wisdom to grow the economy, and that businesses in Zimbabwe  grow and become more profitable.

As we pray, we are thankful to the Lord God Almighty, for he is good and should be praised. His love endures forever. Zimbabweans are a chosen people.

Organisations need to understand that there is a physical and spiritual aspect to everything, including their business. There is something higher than you all the time. Understanding includes knowing there is someone bigger.

Learn from good examples. Others have done what you intend to do already. As you follow your path, accept tips from more seasoned professionals, men and women with words of wisdom. As the African proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

Each association is not for everyone. Only like-minded individuals can be associates. There are some similarities between organisations, such as having visionary founders and well attended events.

However, there is a notable difference among associations, such as generational gaps. You find more senior and seasoned executives in certain group settings. The young and green are trying to penetrate the market and break the proverbial glass ceiling.

Associations are communities for members to interact. The more regular the interactions are, the closer the members become. Membership of each association is a satisfying experience.

One of the most important factors in building a community is doing activities that compel members to join. People are interested in participating in a certain activity.

As you are searching for things and groups that you are interested in. The evidence that you have found something is that you know about it. It is important how leaders talk about their organisation. Substance over form is more important in industry and commerce.

In the beginning for Zimbabwe Brand Association, the mandate was to promote Zimbabwean products, people and places. Organisations need to take a leaf from the practical philosophy of Herbert Chitepo to solve very basic problems with a realistic approach to issues. Territory is of uttermost importance.

A better Zimbabwe, a more confident Zimbabwean.

  • Chikwenhere is an author of Affirmative 21 Laws How to Confess. He is a brand strategist, image consultant and founder of Zimbabwe Brand Association — [email protected]


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