No justification for child sexual abuse

It is a shame that older men, who are looked up to in families, are turning into perpetrators.
By Amh Voices Nov. 26, 2022

Govt officials too corrupt: ED

Mnangagwa said flouting of tender procedures had become the major scam by which senior government officials were stealing public funds.
By Miriam Mangwaya Oct. 22, 2022

CSOs demand Zim debt audit report for 1980 to date

This came out during an annual multi-stakeholder debt conference organised by the Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (Zimcodd).
By Miriam Mangwaya Oct. 18, 2022

Corruption needs to be tackled effectively

This is despite the firm undertaking by the octogenarian leader when he came to power that eradicating such vices would be a key tenet of his presidency.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Oct. 14, 2022

Govt sleeping on the wheel: Zimcodd

The Zimcodd report stated that the errant government entities and local authorities were enjoying impunity.
By Lorraine Muromo Oct. 4, 2022

Staff exodus hits AG office

Chiri also bemoaned lack of equipment and internet network at her office.
By Problem Masau Oct. 3, 2022

Editor’s Memo: Chiri reports: Get the job done

Chiri, in her 2021 report, said Zacc should submit statutory returns to promote transparency and accountability.
By Brian Chitemba Sep. 30, 2022

An epitome of a failed state

The public financial malfeasance cuts deeper.
By Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 30, 2022

Cartoon: September 26, 2022 edition.

Cartoon: September 26, 2022 edition.
By Newsday Sep. 26, 2022