Cotton output declines

In the 2021/22 season, farmers  produced 57 000 tonnes of the crop as compared to 137 762 tonnes produced during the 2020/21 marketing season, a 59% drop.
By Freeman Makopa and Mthandazo Nyoni Jan. 24, 2023

Climate change stoking veld fires

Jolted by the accident, the government announced a raft of measures to strongly and effectively reduce the risk of veld fires.
By Sydney Kawadza and Elma Zhoya Jan. 20, 2023

Why Zim persistently ranks high on inflation

In the SADC region, Harare has largely been a pace setter on high inflation since 2018.
By Victor Bhoroma Jan. 20, 2023

A case for the mushroom sector

Zimbabwe is so blessed that it is a natural home of mushroom, where the food crop is harvested from the wild each summer rainfall season.
By Newsday Jan. 10, 2023

Calls for better organisation of mushroom production

“Mushroom farming in Zimbabwe is not as organised as other agri-ventures and this makes it difficult to track production and marketing of the crop,” Ama.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jan. 10, 2023

Cotton sector mulls stabilisation fund

The  erratic price of cotton, which is set on an international scale, causes local producers to incur losses while forcing some to stop their operations altogether.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Jan. 4, 2023

EU extends dairy project lifespan

The current local demand of milk in the country stands at 120 million litres per annum, but Zimbabwe produced 79 million litres last year.
By Donald Nyandoro Dec. 14, 2022

Ama avails fuel to farmers

Farmers, who largely receive payments for their produce in Zimbabwe dollars.
By Freeman Makopa Dec. 8, 2022

$77 billion injection for Pfumvudza programme

Government introduced  the Pfumvudza programme a few years ago to mitigate climate change ravages on the smallholder food production sub-sector.
By Freeman Makopa Dec. 1, 2022