Fighting for luv: The Chicken Inn vs Chicken Slice court battle

It could be argued that Chicken Slice was benefiting from all the hard work by getting a free market share. This is what the trademark laws aim to prevent.
By Thabani Mnyama 13h ago

AFDIS eyes growth amid operational instability

Afdis pointed out that the economic environment continued to present impediments that constrained business operations.
By Kudzai Kuwaza Jan. 27, 2023

Zim trainee chef off to find the magic spices in India

According to SAHTC, this year’s competition dwells on global development goals such as sustainability.
By Khumbulani Muleya Jan. 27, 2023

Elections pose risk to Zim economic recovery: AfDB

“The highly volatile external environment has spilt over to the African continent, threatening to halt the gradual recovery from the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Adesina said.
By Staff Reporter Jan. 27, 2023

Top stock picks for 2023

We identify four stocks that exhibit one or more of these characteristics, namely Innscor Africa, Delta Corporation, Simbisa Brands, and Hippo Valley Estates.
By Tafara Mtutu Jan. 27, 2023

SA continues to scramble its future

The ANC and the former Soviet Union have ties going back almost 100 years, and support came in the form of military training as well as weaponry and military aid. 
By Heena Joshi Jan. 27, 2023

ED food security claims raise dust

Political analysts said Mnangagwa’s remarks contradicted the WFP, which estimates that 38% of Zimbabwe’s population is food insecure.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jan. 27, 2023

Zim ranks lowly on good governance

Zimbabwe was said to be failing to promote political pluralism, a free civic society and democratic elections.
By Problem Masau Jan. 27, 2023

Charity begins at home

If this does not promote inequality and drive into poverty all those who do not support the ruling party’s way of doing things, then God help us.
By Newsday Jan. 27, 2023