Sabiwa Primary School embraces e-learning

Sabiwa Primary School head Isabel Thebe addressing guests at the conferral of the Secretary’s Merit Award to the school recently. Picture: Nizbert Moyo

Sabiwa Primary School in Matabeleland South Province is proud to have won its first ever Secretary’s Merit Award for the year 2022 after embracing e-learning skills to transform its teaching staff to improve pass rates.

The presentation of awards was held on January 28.

Sabiwa Primary School head Isabel Thebe said members of staff at the school are motivated professionals who are keen to see to the individual development of each learner, while constantly keeping themselves upgraded professionally to be abreast with current demands and trends of the fast-paced technological dynamics.

She made the remarks during the presentation of the Secretary’s Merit Award at the school.

“Sabiwa Primary School has taken up the challenge and engaged in the use of computers and tablets to promote active, interactive and independent learning hence acquiring advanced learning skills among others while transforming the role of teachers to be  facilitators of learning,” Thebe said.

“Zimsec Grade 7 results pass rates from 2016 to 2022 were 87%, 70%, 80%, 72%, 69%, 86% and 86% respectively.’’

She said having fully embraced the new curriculum, their  approach is guided by the key characteristics of the competence-based curriculum which includes learner centred approach, outcome-based and differentiated tutorials.

 “With the help of curriculum specialists to implement the new competence-based curriculum, a staff development programme was initiated which includes the concept and implementation of competence-based curriculum in teaching and learning process developing a unique approach to the development of life skills, values and attributes in collaboration with families,’’ Thebe said.

 “Let me assure you this award was not given on a silver platter; it certainly was no easy feat.

“The Secretary’s Merit Award is the highest award that the ministry gives in recognition to the sterling work done by a school in Zimbabwe and Sabiwa Primary School is proud to note how this award has been a result of the school’s dedication to the effectiveness in the implementation of the ministry of Education policies, demonstration of quality exit profiles, effective and collaborative stakeholder involvement, embracing of broad and balanced curriculum, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, sustainable income-generating projects as well as providing a conducive learning environment.”

She said the achievement is proving to be an envious milestone worth emulation and that it is every school head’s ambition to land their hands on this commendation.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you all once again for gathering here today to witness the bestowment of this honour to Sabiwa Primary School,” Thebe said.

She paid tribute to traditional leaders and representatives from Vumbachikwe, Blanket Mines and other stakeholders for allocating time to be part of the prestigious event, to be part of those to witness Sabiwa Primary School receiving its first ever secretary’s Merit Award in the year 2022.

Sabiwa Primary School was established on January 1 1953 with an initial one block of two classrooms and two blair toilets.

She said most teachers at Sabiwa Primary School have also upgraded from being diploma holders to university graduates through various university programmes using their own means and spare time, taking advantage of the government’s call for teachers to upgrade their qualifications.

Thebe added:  “The school is a proud supporter of teacher education, participating in mentoring pre-service teachers in training.

“The school always has a big number of student teachers who gain guidance to be quality teachers from Sabiwa Primary School, quite a number obtained distinctions in the teaching practice component.

“We thank Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic for trusting us with their students as they also help us interact with them to raise our standards of delivering quality education to this community; we appreciate the relationship.”

She said their  mission is to provide equitable, quality, inclusive educational, academic and sporting activities, interpersonal and technological skills, thereby producing competent students in all sectors of life, empowering them to take ownership and responsibility for their present and future endeavours while keeping the spirit of ubuntu /hunhu.

“Our institution has always provided its learners with a healthy and fairly competitive environment to help them grow in every sphere of activity, be it academic, sports or any other extra-curricular roles,” Thebe said.

“We award equal opportunities to all students with their individual differences to allow them to discover their true potential as we equip them with the necessary tools to aid them in their walk and face the next stages in the outside world upon completion of studies.

“I am pleased to see our learners performing and excelling in their respective areas of interest and I am even more grateful for the immense dedication shown by their teachers in providing strong academic foundations and sporting disciplines, music and cultural performances in learners at Sabiwa Primary School as we faithfully implement the new skills oriented curriculum.”

Thebe said they believe that good education plays a crucial role in building a bright future for the  children and that they  are committed to providing a favourable atmosphere for  learners where they can all embrace good values, strong competent ideologies and concepts hence engaging in the competence based curriculum, which is mandated to providing a wholesome education for all Zimbabweans.

“Having fully embraced the new curriculum, our approach is guided by the key characteristics of the competence based curriculum which include learner-centred approach, outcome-based and differentiated tutorials,” she said.

“With the help of curriculum specialists to implement the new competence based curriculum, a staff development programme was initiated which includes the concept and implementation of competence based curriculum in teaching and learning process.”

Thebe said they have established   income generating projects based on the competence-based curriculum which emphasizes skills development hence the school is engaged in promoting this by establishing a number of projects that will instill the concept of practical work and marrying theory to practice.

Primary and Secondary Education ministry permanent secretary Tumisang Thabela hailed Sabiwa Primary School for such recognition.

“It is with great pleasure to have been granted the honour of gracing this occasion at Sabiwa Primary School as you receive the highest accolade of achievement, the Secretary’s Merit Award,” Thabela said.

“It is through your hard work and tireless effort that we all stand tall today celebrating with you the fulfillment of your vision.

“The school has a very strong policy on the maintenance of infrastructure.

“The school is regularly repainted when there is need and broken window panes are repaired whenever there is need.”

 She said Sabiwa Primary School has become a very formidable sporting institution.

The school offers a variety of sporting disciplines like ball games, jikinya, athletics and choral music.

Such activities assist learners to get an opportunity to develop their motor skills and game techniques.

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