Letter to my people: Gushungo has nothing to do with power cuts

The late Robert Mugabe

My Dear People

The misguided motor mouth  Chris recently made a pitiful attempt to try and absolve his boss Ngwena of any blame for the catastrophic power outages which have now reached record highs of 21 hours a day.

He claimed that the power crisis that the country is facing is as a result of years of neglect within Zimbabwe in particular and it was because of Baba.

To besmirch Baba’s good name while trying to make excuses for Ngwena’s incompetence and lack of probity shows that the party that Gushungo built has now gone to the dogs.

Please let Baba rest in peace and sort out the mess you have made while you were concentrating on looting and trampling on the rights of the country’s citizens.


It is good to see that after the unforgivable betrayal of Jonso and  family member Dread Patrick, there are still some who are loyal to their former leader such as Walter.

In response to the hogwash spewed by Chris, he exposed the hypocrisy of Ngwena and Co who are now buying themselves solar panels to shield themselves  from the power cuts and dishing out loans of half a million in the greenback to each other at the expense of the taxpayer who now has to live in the dark.

“Is he the one who told you to buy solar panels 5KVa Generators at US$14 500 when they can be bought at US$3 500?

“Is he the one giving (ministers) US$500 000 housing 'loans' from the national purse when there is a power crisis?” Well said Cde Walter!!

You have shown that uyindoda sibili (real man) as Baba would say and not the spineless men who recently apologised to their tormentors as they tried to worm their way back to Ngwena’s good graces. Sies!!

I am sure Zimbabweans continue to rue the day they celebrated the departure of their former leader who was the epitome of wisdom and who has now been replaced by this administration, which is a circus in motion.

As Chris was blaming Baba for the power cuts, Ngwena was blaming climate change for the outages, Magna was blaming the power outages on consumers’ failure to pay for their electricity bills and Soda was incredibly blaming the power cuts on having used the water in Kariba  South to water the winter wheat.

So many excuses from one administration as confusion reigns supreme in the house Ngwena built on the back of tanks and gunpowder kkkk. 

How can this lot solve the power crisis when they cannot even agree on what caused it in the first place?

The clueless Soda had to be dragged  to Parliament to give a ministerial statement.

After he gave it, I am not sure  the MPs understood why he was reluctant because all he said was a load of hot air.

Speaking of disgraceful individuals, they do not come in any worse form than Joji.

As people bemoaned the effects of the prolonged power cuts, Joji said only those who lacked wisdom and resources would suffer from power cuts,  and pompously added that the state power utility did not owe them electricity.

 As he was vomiting such nonsense, his free solar panel was probably being placed on his roof.

To make fun of the taxpayer, who is ensuring that you get a solar panel for free at an inflated cost to shield you from power cuts, takes a certain arrogance and callousness that only Joji can acquire after having become part of the furniture at Munhumutapa offices.

  Now you see why I used to scold that arrogant boy in public.

This is why Cde Saviour exposed him for the double dealer that he is given the crass manner in which he betrayed Baba.

The fed up Tyson told him to take a bath and dismissed his Shakespearean claptrap

Ngwena’s crusade against corruption continues to collapse like a deck of cards with the toothless Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption (Zacc) boss Loice-Matanda Moyo shocked that ministers could not be bothered to attend the third quarter National Anti-Corruption Steering Committee (NACS) meeting held in the capital, a high level policy platform aimed at fighting corruption in the country.

 The NACS is composed of key ministries such as Finance, Home Affairs, Justice and other government institutions such as Zacc, National Prosecuting Authority, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and auditor-general among others.

Moyo blasted the ministers for failing to prioritise the fight against graft.  

Her outburst is as good at winking at the dark as they know that the fight against corruption is only on paper. 

Mthuli could not even attend the parly session on the 2023 national budget he presented, never mind a talk shop on corruption.

Moyo is finding out that she is merely a placeholder put to give the impression that Ngwena is serious about fighting corruption.

Corruption busting has just become a mere slogan, as it will always be, under Ngwena.


Gushungo Chete Chete!

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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