Letter to my people: They have taken us back to dark ages

Delish Nguwaya

My Dear People

Ngwena’s declaration that Zimbabwe is open for business is being exposed as the empty and meaningless slogan that it is with revelations that industry is experiencing depressed sales of up to 30% coupled with surging costs of production of about 20% thanks to the prolonged power cuts his administration has caused through sheer negligence and incompetence.

The country is now in crisis as Ngwena’s administration runs around like headless chickens with no solution in sight to the catastrophe caused by the power outages.

Some are already saying the Lacoste people should create another parallel structure to be known as Darkness4ED in recognition of his unenviable feat that has seen Zimbabweans going without electricity for 19 hours a day kkkkkk. Munopengaaaaa!

Ngwena is now finding out that it is one thing to make promises to a euphoric crowd after being catapulted into powder by guns and tanks and forcing the removal of Baba who was a fountain of wisdom and quite another delivering on promises and proving that he is useful for more  than just looting and violating human rights.

This is also threatening the jobs, jobs, and jobs he promised in 2017 when he was high on gunpowder.

As a result of these unprecedented power cuts, companies could retrench workers in droves if they do not shut shop in the process.

Open for business, my foot! Unopenga!!!. The country is definitely not open for business. Rather it is now open for darkness.

Ngwena's new dispensation of poverty, misery and darkness which often accuses foreign businesses and organisations of pushing regime change when they tell him the stark truth of his administration’s ineptitude, has now even lost the confidence of the country’s business sector.

According to the 2022 Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce State of Industry and Commerce Survey unveiled in Harare last week, 59% of the businesses surveyed expect the economy to deteriorate next year.

Similarly, about 61% and 53%, respectively, expect profitability and ease of doing business in 2023 to deteriorate.

Such statistics illustrate how Ngwena is getting the thumbs down from the country’s manufacturers and industry as a whole as they have now seen Ngwena’s lack of probity, which Baba sacked him for.

Ngwena and his lot could not organise a piss up in a brewery, never mind a conducive environment for business to thrive.

If the local business community has absolutely no faith, who will trust him? Probably his wife aka Page 2 girl, his family and his hangers on only.

Talking of page 2 girl, I see she has been very active recently including receiving an award for ‘best’’ philanthropist in the world, whatever that is supposed to mean.

All along we thought that philanthropy should benefit the poor and not be a competition.

It really makes us wonder who among these so-called international philanthropists she was competing against.

They must be quite stingy to lose to page 2 kkkkk.

Anyway congratulations to her excellency, a title  created by the Second Republic for page 2 girl to probably justify Mthuli’s decision to divert  some of the money from the depleted state coffers to  her so-called office.

She is now even meeting foreign government officials and people have the audacity to accuse me of delving into politics.

They even said I was behaving like power was sexually transmitted.

You haven’t seen nothing yet  with Dr Amai 11. She is now even acquiring PhDs everyday in a desperate effort to be like me!

At this rate, all that remains is for the office of page 2 girl to be converted to a full ministry probably named the ministry of the First Lady and Philanthropic Activities.

 A local television station at the Glass and Mortar House  which was recently given a licence  showed that they are still green around the edges when they advertised that it would be broadcasting an interview with the Energy ( or is that power cuts) permanent secretary Gloria on its channel at 18:30 on microblogging site Twitter.

The only problem with this was not many would watch as households would be enveloped in darkness thanks to the prolonged power cuts.

The advertised programme unsurprisingly sparked outrage.

Is this some sort of dark humour, one asked in response with another even inquiring whether there will be any electricity at the studio during the interview.

It was ironic that the perm sec of no power wanted to talk about the power situation to citizens who had no electricity to watch whatever nonsense would be spewed on the issue of power.

Only in a Ngwena administration can such a preposterous situation occur.

It does kind of leave one feeling quite powerless.

I could not help but laugh my lungs out when some obscure organisation, the Zimbabwe Integrated Traders Association decided in its wisdom or lack thereof to award that controversial businessman Delish Nguwaya with a special Innovative Business Award in recognition of his leading role in the Pomona Waste Management project.

This is the same project that is siphoning US$22 000 per day or an estimated US$1 million a month to Gegenix BV fronted by Nguwaya for the next 30 years.


This is surely madness on steroids.

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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