Letter to my people: The return of G40 and the useless ritual

Zanu PF congress

My Dear People,

The ritual that is the Zanu PF congress has come and gone without any big surprises.

Ngwena, who officially turned 80 this year (Jonso once told us he could be way older), was endorsed as the dead party’s candidate for the 2023 elections.

They used the same script that Baba used for donkey years, which ensured that he ruined this country uninterrupted until that cowardly coup.

Generari whom we were being told could throw spanners into the works during the congress led the rituals with some bootlicking that left many green with envy.

He said: “party structures have already clearly and thunderously endorsed Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa as the president of and first secretary as well as the Zanu PF sole candidate in the 2013 national elections.

“People have spoken. Let their will be obeyed.”

Well, they say a week is a long time in politics. We will continue to watch from the terraces. I don’t see the ambitious war time commissar waiting for another five years for his turn.

Their central committee that was unveiled yesterday has some interesting names.

Dr Amai 11 officially became a member of the central committee alongside the likes of Mthuli.

Mthuli, who came in as a so-called technocrat after the coup, finally stopped the pretence and became a fully-fledged member of the Pfee gang.

Duggish retained his position despite losing the state vice-presidency because of that sex scandal.

I also saw some of my G40 friends making a comeback such as the likes of the forgotten Nhema.

Ahead of the congress, there was speculation that Jonso was eyeing a return judging from his tweets, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for now with the congress over.

Once again the lies that the coup against Gushungo was necessary to reform Zanu PF were exposed. This congress was much ado about nothing.

Nothing has changed in that party. Munopengaaaa.

Does anyone know of any promise that Ngwena has kept after coming to power five years ago?

He has been doing all the bad things that he accused Gushungo of doing, including closing down the political space, jailing opponents and allowing corruption to fester.

Zanu PF once again demonstrated its lack of depth and clarity last week with the so-called anti-sanctions marches across the country.

Children were railroaded from classes to march against the embargo. Placards written: “We want jobs, We want money, and Sanctions you crippled our economy” were seen being waived by the innocent souls.

What was cruel about the roping in of the children is that they were all drawn from schools from mainly high-density suburbs while the children of the elite were in class.

There was also a gala where musicians were expected to send messages to the sanctioning countries in our vernacular languages.

In their minds, Biden in America and Sunak in London are going to be persuaded through the Shona and Ndebele lyrics to remove their sanctions.

I have told you repeatedly that these Lacoste people are too playful.

Five years are already up and there is nothing tangible that they have achieved on the re-engagement front.

If anything Zimbabwe has become more of a pariah state.

Just last Thursday the country was a subject of debate in the UK’s House of Lords where Job Sikhala’s name and the barbaric attack against CCC activists in Matobo and Insiza were high on the agenda.

It was clear from the discussions that no one believes the Pfee nonsense that this regime is interested in reforms.

Talking about Sikhala, the move by prison authorities to deny Nero the opportunity to see the political prisoners from his party only a week after the red carpet was rolled for Dougie at Chikurubi was very dumb.

Instead of helping Dougie, the Lacoste gangsters are exposing him as their puppet and it doesn’t augur well for his chances in 2023.

The continued incarceration of the Nyatsime 16 continues to expose the Lacoste regime as authoritarian and that will ensure that Zimbabwe remains isolated from the international community.

Joji was clearly peeved to see Nero with the new Lesotho Prime Minister during  the inauguration in Maseru on Friday.

He was so angry he had to issue a statement on Twitter saying people must not be misled by Nero and explained for the umpteenth time that Ngwena had been invited to Maseru.

Whether Ngwena was invited or not is not news because all heads of state were invited out of courtesy.

What was interesting about the inauguration was that opposition leaders such as Nero and Julius were invited.

This happening after Zambia last year shows that the politics in the region is becoming more progressive and the chinhu chedu mentality is being done away with.

Videos showing leaders such as Cyril interacting with Juju in a very friendly manner were very heart warming and at the same time showed how we are still trapped in politics of hate.

This country deserves better.


 Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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