King Munhumutapa challenges govt

Timothy Chiminya

SELF-PROCLAIMED  King Munhumutapa, born Timothy Chiminya, last weekend presided over the installation of Masimba Rubatika as Chief Seke to replace Stanley Chimanikire.

Chiminya said nothing would deter him from overseeing the coronation of chiefs across the country despite the government dismissing him as an impostor.

“I know some in government circles who are used to corrupt activities and bribes when it comes to the installation of chiefs would want to throw bricks in my way, but I would not be deterred,” Chiminya said.

“It’s quite surprising that unscrupulous people have manipulated the issue of chieftainship for personal gain. As King Munhumutapa I don't impose chiefs but I sit down with the whole clan and clear consensus is reached as those in the chieftainship family know who the next heir is.

“So in this case it was clear that Rubatika was next Chief Seke but for years someone  (allegedly) just came and imposed a person who was not even in line for chieftainship.”

Chiminya said he would take legal action against those who “place hurdles” in his way saying as king he had powers to install chiefs.

He said his actions were guided by a 2022 High Court order which declared him King Munhumutapa after the then Local Government minister had contested his kingship.

In the High Court case number HC 3981/22 between Chiminya and then Local Government minister Winston Chitando, it was “ordered by consent that the plaintiff Timothy Chiminya is hereby declared as Mambo Munhumutapa.”

Yesterday, Chiminya filed another  High Court application seeking further confirmation as King Munhumutapa

“I won my case in the High Court and the government failed to oppose the court judgment. They never approached me but they made the announcement that I have been disowned in the media without going to court. They are supposed to honour the court decision," Chiminya said.

“I have filed court papers for contempt of court by the government.”

Chief Nyathi claims that he was appointed by King Munhumutapa to be his spiritual spokesperson in Matabeleland.

“I have been appointed the spiritual spokesperson by the king in Matabeleland, a role that was played by (our) forefathers since 1700,’’ Nyathi said.

Local Government and Public Works minister Daniel Garwe yesterday dismissed Chiminya as an impostor saying the Constitution does not recognise monarchs.

“The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works would like to dissociate itself from the claim by one Timothy Chiminya Mujuru who is masquerading as King Munhumutapa,’’ Garwe said.

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