Kezi villagers rehabilitate clinic

File picture of an unfinished building

BEULA villagers in Matabeleland South’s Kezi area are fundraising to rehabilitate their local clinic.

The initiative comes as the health institution faces closure due to the bad state of its infrastructure.

Ward 5 councillor Madaboy Ndebele said: “The fundraising for the renovation of the clinic has been conducted by the diasporans. The clinic was built in 1984 so the gutters, ceiling and its appearance is no longer appealing hence the need for it to be renovated.”

Beula Clinic community chairperson Mphathisi Ndlovu said a threat by the Health ministry to close the clinic due to its bad state prompted the villagers and their relatives in the diaspora to fundraise for its rehabilitation.

“The paint on the walls has faded and the doors are in a bad condition. The Department of Health once threatened to close it, hence we are fighting to rebuild it so that our community doesn't travel long distances to access health facilities," he said while appealing for more donations to help the villagers purchase an ambulance, a standby generator and construct a mortuary at the clinic.

“We depend on Tshelanyemba Hospital mortuary which caters for many other villages in the area. Tshelanyemba often faces power cuts so we end up being rushed to bury our loved ones even before other members that are out of the country arrive. That’s why we plan to build our own mortuary at Beula Clinic,” he said.

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