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Mr President, you missed the opportunity to be the veritable voice of conscience

Given the increasing engagement in armed robberies by members of the armed forces
By Cyprian Ndawana Aug. 30, 2022

Gukurahundi closure needs sincerity, maturity and solemnity

Lamentably, the intensity of the massacres were a case of liberators turned tormenters. They left an enduring brokenness way beyond the provinces in which they were unleashed.
By Cyprian Ndawana Nov. 9, 2022

New dispensation has redefined avaricious culture of its predecessor

Sugarcoated as a once-off windfall, the loans are redoubtable. They are a precedent that has dire consequences on national financials, one that is corrupting to accountability.
By Cyprian Ndawana Dec. 21, 2022

Mr President, collective citizenry unease over your suitability

Your Excellency, true to Marx, political history abounds with leaders who were compelled to make decisions neither as they pleased, nor under self-selected circumstances.
By Cyprian Ndawana Jan. 18, 2023