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Disruptive thinking.

WE can’t downplay the power of thinking. Any type of thinking that is slower than the change of times and or technology is dangerous.
By Jonah Nyoni Sep. 24, 2022
Why is ED afraid of live-streamed court proceedings?
Why is ED afraid of live-streamed court proceedings?
However, robust debates and upholding of the constitution should be the guiding light.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Sep. 24, 2022
Zim adopts green energy production to curb climate change crisis
With the rising climate change crisis around the world, Zimbabwean households have been progressively shifting to renewable energy sources.
By Tendai Chipatiso and Tichaona Matte Sep. 23, 2022
Polarisation, intolerance remain a threat democracy, peace
To help build a peaceful nation, ZLHR implores government to;
By Newsday Sep. 23, 2022
At times I feel like Zimbos deserve ED
Here is a nation with one of the most ruthless oppressive theocratic regimes on the planet.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Sep. 23, 2022
Authorities must release opposition MPs
Zimbabwean authorities cannot continue to incarcerate Sikhala and Sithole and deny them bail at every turn for no apparent reason.
By AMH Voices Sep. 22, 2022
Crackdown on NGOs derails re-engagement efforts
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are doing important work in democracy and human rights protection.
By AMH Voices Sep. 21, 2022
Digitalising the marketing of financial services
Social media in particular has been a huge game changer in marketing because customers get to give feedback on their experiences with a brand on very public platforms.
By Tinevimbo C Santu Sep. 20, 2022
Letters: Policy inconsistencies driving out, frustrating foreign investment
Zimbabwe has become notorious for having duly agreed business agreements overturned overnight, and without notice.
By AMH Voices Sep. 20, 2022
What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Bitcoin ATM?
Lets You Do More Than Just Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
By Newsday Sep. 18, 2022
Passion aligned investing
A new trend that is baffling many is that of the investment in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
By Batanai Matsika Sep. 16, 2022
New UZ fee structure facilitates exclusion of marginalised, vulnerable students
I STRONGLY feel that the time is ripe to for us Zimbabweans to restore the country’s breadbasket status and shun dependency completely
By admin Sep. 16, 2022
Letters: PWDs remain susceptible to abuse
PWDs have continued to be a vulnerable constituency by being victims of violations to socio-economic rights they should enjoy.
By AMH Voices Sep. 14, 2022
Zec must reduce candidate nomination fees
The poor will not manage to pay and this means that political participation is now reserved for the rich.
By Newsday Sep. 12, 2022
Stop labour migration
There have been wild estimates in the media that over three million Zimbabweans are in South Africa and nearly 4,5 million are outside the country.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Sep. 10, 2022
Infonomics: What business leaders should know
INFORMATION plays a key role in any organisation. The speed, spread and incredible growth rate of online information is a clear indication that information is critical.
By Jonah Nyoni Sep. 10, 2022
Letters to the editor: Time for Zimbabweans to reclaim lost glory
Zimbabwe is now at the top of the list in the world, but for the wrong reasons.
By admin Sep. 10, 2022
Zim's 2023 elections: How to judge candidates' social protection promises
Zimbabwe is heading for general polls in 2023 amid an ongoing macroeconomic crisis
By Gift Dafuleya Sep. 10, 2022
Understanding the redemptive work of Christ
Every one of us has grace to enter into all the riches of our inheritance
By Erasmus Makarimayi Sep. 10, 2022
Commonwealth Fellow goes down memory lane
Commonwealth Fellow goes down memory lane
By John Gambanga Sep. 9, 2022
Of colonial hangover, racial brainwashing
So, the Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa regime is over the moon over a few seconds-long handshake with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair!
By Tendai Mbofana Sep. 9, 2022
Letters to the editor: Tackling energy poverty requires a 'gas is good for Africa' approach
While developed nations call for the end of fossil fuel utilisation in the name of climate change, Africa still faces its biggest challenge yet: energy poverty.
By admin Sep. 9, 2022
Zimbos don't want to burden SA's health system
As I listened to my dear compatriot expressing gratitude to the MEC, I was filled with a deep sense of regret, sadness and rage.
By Nelson Chamisa Sep. 9, 2022
Marriages Act (Chapter 5:15): Morally inclusive and culturally sensitive
These are the fundamental pillars of the structural morality of a society.
By Gaylord Munemo Sep. 9, 2022
Feature: Zim-A country at yet another crossroads
Others insist the prices are a clear sign of real seismic challenges underlying the Zimbabwean economy.
By Nelson Chenga Sep. 9, 2022
Letters: Steep increase in nomination fees has a bearing on democracy
The steep increase in nomination fees has a bearing on participatory democracy.
By Newsday Sep. 7, 2022
Vote overwhelmingly to counter rigging
Election rigging can be prevented if complaint forms are provided, which the agents can fill to challenge the process.
By Newsday Sep. 6, 2022
Feature: Women adopt agro-forestry to combat climate change
A number of women farmers are positively responding to the vagaries of the changing climate and land rights issues by adopting innovative responses to increasing land degradation.
By Tonderayi Matonho Sep. 6, 2022